I have tried a few adhesive screen doors, they never lasted long and I found they never closed properly, until this one. Magnets are very strong and close without any issues. I used adhesive strips as well as the tacks. I put the tacks in the corners as well as half way down. We have strong winds here and it is handling them well. I had no issues putting it up, very easy. Just make sure you measure everything, I even marked the half way point on the door as well as the screen, to make sure I put it on evenly.

If you are looking to have natural sunlight and fresh air without having to worry about bugs and insects, this mesh magnetic screen door is a perfect solution.

Magnetic Screen For Doors | Magnetic Door Screen | Fly Screens With Magnets For Doors


A Variety Of Options to Choose From


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This door net screen with magnet is made of heavy-duty mesh and has double reinforced stitching along the sides, making it tear-resistant and durable for thousands of usage.
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Width (W) x Height (H)
(please include in your measurements 2cm on the top & 2cm on each side – this is for the stitched velcro strip that attaches the screen to your door frame)

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Hands-Free Entry

Our bug screen for doorway with magnets open effortlessly with a nudge; no hands are involved, which is convenient when trying to enter and exit your home while holding something in your hands. The split panel miraculously closes itself once you pass through since it is equipped with high grade magnets along its edges.


It is lightweight and will take you seconds to install in your door. Simply attach it to your door frame with the included adhesive Velcro strip. Extra push pins are included in our door kit for additional security and strength and also for door frames in poor conditions.



Your home will still look stylish with this mesh installed on the doorway. The screen door is made from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Strong magnets are sewn inside a protecting fabric strip, heavy duty premium mesh designed to withstand countless cycles, full Velcro strip around the perimeter of the net ensures high stability while allowing smooth, hand-free passing.



Even if you leave your door open, you can still have a peace of mind about no mosquitoes getting inside your home. You can easily open them as you pass by it and it will automatically close. It has magnets built in between each half of the mesh which makes it automatically shut after you pass by it. You do not even have to use your hands to open the mesh door. So even if you are carrying something with your both hands, you can still get inside.


Keep bugs, mosquitos and other flies out with our screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The polyester mesh allows fresh air to circulate while it’s protecting your house from bugs. With our screen door, you don’t need to close the door every time you pass through it. It opens and closes without using your hands, like magic! Just walk through it!


Because of this screen door’s incredibly lightweight material kids can easily let themselves in and out of the home without letting unwanted pests in and facilitating a cooler and easier summer for you.


Because of this screen door’s incredibly lightweight material small pets can easily let themselves in and out of the home without letting unwanted pests in. Your small dogs or cats won’t have any trouble getting in or out.
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What To Look For When Buying The Best Magnetic Screen Door

When buying a magnetic screen door, these are important considerations.


Good measurements are required to replace doors and windows, and magnetic door screens are no exception. Take measurements of the width and the height of the doorway to accurately determine the correct size of the magnetic screen door to purchase.

Budget Screens offer multiple widths and heights. If your door falls between standard sizes, you may be able to adjust a larger model to fit or you can order a custom magentic screen door.

Measure the width of the doorway from the left side of the doorframe to the right side, then measure the height of the doorway from the ground to the top doorframe. Compare this width-by-height measurement to common screen door sizes to find the appropriate magnetic mesh door for your home.


Polyester are the main mesh materials used to create a magnetic screen doors.

Budget Screens premium mesh allows ample fresh air to circulate in and through the home. It is also more durable, making it the better choice in areas with heavy traffic, like a back door or sunroom.

It is also easy to see through, and lets in natural light. Polyester mesh door with a higher fiber count is an indicator of good quality and efficacy.

Velcro when dealing with a metal frame because thumbtacks and nails can loosen over time.


Magnetic screen doors can come with multiple types of fasteners to hold the door closed and to keep the door installed in its location. Fastener options, in addition to magnets, include thumbtacks and wind-resistant hasps.

Magnets: These fasteners are used primarily for closing the two sides of the magnetic screen door. Heavy magnets are stitched securely into the hem of the screen, and their weight forces the door to automatically close.

Wind-resistant hasps: If your door will be located in a windy area, wind-resistant hasps are a good idea. A hasp is a locking mechanism, such as a leather buckle with a button fastener or a slotted hinged plate and loop made of nylon. The hasp is located on either side of the magnetic screen door and meets in the center when the door is closed to keep the two sides of the magnetic screen door closed during high winds.

Single Magnetic Screen Door vs. Double Screen Door

Doorways can be a single-door opening or a double-door opening, and before buying a magnetic door net  you need to determine which you have so you can invest in the correct product to fill the space correctly.

Single-door magnetic door screens are door nets that measure between 30 and 40 inches wide. They’re less expensive than double-door products because they’re smaller, but they cannot be used to fill double-door spaces.

Double-door magnetic screens are intended to cover double-door openings, such as a French door walkout to the back deck. These magnetic screen doors can be custom made, ensuring that both doors and any filler in between are covered by the mesh screen.

Additional Features

Magnetic screening for doors can come with a few extra features that make them easier to use, including full-strip magnets, pet doors, and side snaps to hold the doors open.

Full-strip magnets are used instead of individually placed magnets in some models. The entire closing strip of the magnetic screen door is filled with thin, rectangular magnets to help keep the door closed even in strong wind gusts.


Magnetic screen doors are generally very simple to install by a DIYer if the manufacturer’s directions are followed. Though quality models stay in place quite well when properly installed, they may be considered as temporary screen doors since taking them down can be done easily. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during installation:

Does your door open inward or outward? To avoid impeding the swing of the door, install the magnetic screen door opposite the swing. Inward-swinging doors should have screens installed on the outside of the frame. Outward-swinging doors should have the screen installed on the inside of the frame.

Magnetic screen doors must be affixed to the doorframe using a strong adhesive, finishing nails, or thumbtacks. The type of frame, be it metal, wood, or an alternate material, will limit your choice of installation fasteners.

After installing the magnetic screen door, check that the magnets at the end of each screen link to each other. If they don’t, the installation was done incorrectly and the door will not close properly. You’ll need to remove the door and reinstall it correctly so the magnets align.


A magnetic screen door must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend the life of the screen. Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth or other duster to remove the dirt and debris from the mesh, and wash weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Mesh screens should always be left to air dry; do not put them in a dryer, which could damage them.

You may prefer to purchase a Velcro system that attaches to the doorframe and to the magnetic screen door edging using adhesive. The magnetic screen door is attached to the Velcro lining as needed and is just as easily removed for washing by hand in a sink.

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Magnetic Screen Doors

Will this work on an aluminum frame?

Yes, it will. it’s attached with velcro, which attaches to the frame with self-sticky glue. The magnets are used to open and close the two sides of the screen. They open easily with a push, and close again by themselves, magnetically.

How do you attach it to,a sliding glass door. it shows a single door on the directions.does it only hang on the side that opens..?

If you have a double sliding glass door, but one side is fixed in place–only a single side of the door opens, then this will work. If both glass doors slide open, then this will not work. In the first instance, the frame of the fixed door serves as the second fixed edge for the screen to attach to. It must attach on both outsides and on the top

If i decide to remove the screen later, will the wood door frame be damaged when i pull off the magic tape?

No – The self adhesive tape uses a strong gum glue that is designed to be able to be removed without causing damage.

I have french doors that when you open both are 56 width and 93 in length do you have any that would fit?
You are able to order a custom made screen to fit any specific size door.

To arrange a custom size door quote – click here

How many magnets in the middle of the screen door netting?

The middle seam of the screen door netting is strategically lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnet strips, Includes 26 strong magnets. Immediately closes and strong wind will not open it.

Is this Reusable? What if I want just for summer, remove, and use the following summer.. ?

Yes it is reusable – just put up the screen with the push pins easy to install easy to take down. You can use the velcro tape around your door frame and choose to leave the tape on the door frame. If you choose to remove the tape between seasons you will have to repurchase the adhesive back velcro tape again when you are ready to use.

Can this screen be installed on a door with a stucco frame?


Can my cat go in and out?

You walk a few more times or you teach them and learn quickly.

Is this two separate pieces, or are the sides attached?

It’s sewed at the very top to make it one piece. Then down the middle magnet strips keep it together. The sides would be at what you attach to the door frame. The bottom two pieces are not attached.

What color is the door screen?

The screens come in white or black.

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How do magnetic door screens work?
Magnetic door screens are designed to attach to the door frame using adhesive velcro strips. The screen is held in place by velcro which is stitched along the three edges of the screen. The screen has an opening down the middle which comes together and seals with magnets that are sewn into the two openings seam. When the door opening is magnetically sealed the door keeps bugs out while allowing fresh air to flow through.
Are magnetic door screens easy to install?
Yes, magnetic door screens are typically very easy to install and require no special tools or skills. Magnetic screens come with self-adhesive strips or Velcro that can be attached to the door frame, making installation a quick and easy process.
What kind of doors are magnetic screens compatible with?
Magnetic door screens are compatible with a wide range of door sizes and types, including single and double doors, sliding doors, and french doors and even garage doors.
Can magnetic door screens keep out bugs?
Yes, magnetic door screens are designed to keep out mosquitoes, flies, and other insects while still allowing fresh air to flow through. Look for screens with a tight mesh weave that can block out even the smallest insects.
Are magnetic door screens durable?
Magnetic door screens are typically made from durable materials that can withstand constant use and exposure to the elements. However, the durability of the screen can vary depending on the quality of the materials used, so it’s important to choose a screen made from high-quality materials.
Can magnetic door screens be easily removed?
Yes, magnetic door screens can be easily removed for cleaning or storage. The screens can be easily detached from the door frame and washed in the washing machine or by hand.
Do magnetic door screens require maintenance?
Magnetic door screens are generally low-maintenance, but they may need to be cleaned periodically to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, it’s important to check the magnets regularly to ensure that they are still securely attached to the screen and the door frame.


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